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Are you tired of the city, tired of the 9-to-5 grind, tired of fast-food, rush-hour traffic, working for the man or just plan working to hard and getting nowhere and having no fun? Then you came to the right place. Our name is derived from a word meaning a place remote from civilization. That is the Boondox main philosophy. To live your life independent of the ever growing, ever consuming cities that dirty the countryside. To find contentment and joy in a simpler, more natural lifestyle. To look at life with a different perspective. To make a positive difference in the world.

This site is designed to educate, inspire and equip you to break free from the dependence of urban life. To help you to take a stand against the rat-race and find the peace and satisfaction that sustainable living offers. We hope you will find this site informative and entertaining.

Please pardon the construction as we strive to make the site better. Many pages are viewable during this work so have a look around.
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