Here at Boondox we are always looking for a way to enjoy life more but consume less. We have alot of projects completed, under developement or on the drawing board. Here are some of them.
Latest Projects
We believe in taking care of our part of God's creation from the air and soil,
to the water, to the vegetation, to the animals and the wildlife that live here.
" Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato
We're Working On it.
1. Cordless Tool Solar Charging Station (Steve Schrader, BioHomes, West Michigan)

Since I do most my construction jobs out in the boonies a practical choice for me is to use cordless power tools. Now I now that the traditional human power tools is an ideal way to go if you know how to use them but at the current time I do not. Until then I have a whole set of 18 volt DeWalt tools that help me earn my keep. I use the cordless tools so that I do not need to run a noisy generator at the job site. The problem was that the batteries do run down and need to be charged. I bought a car charger that plugged into the cigarette lighter but it still involved always running out to the truck to swap batteries. This is somewhat of hassle while working at framing in a house with your truck parked 50 yards away. And there is always that uneasiness of thinking that you might run your vehicles battery down. And starting it up several times a day, well, that pollutes. So I got an idea one day for a solar charger for my tools. Let me tell you it works great and it gives me a good feeling inside each time I use it. It also is a good conversation starter to get others interested in conservation ideas. Here are the details...