"The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this."  - Mark Twain

Our house should be a place that we are proud of. A place that gives us security and comfort. A place where we can enjoy a good meal, relax, entertain friends and get a good nights sleep. Much of our lives are spent to obtain a house of our own. Yet it is sad that the majority of houses out there are poorly planned or designed. They actually become a burden instead of a place of refuge. How can you relax when you are constantly working to pay the mortgage and keep up with the taxes and utility bills. 

A few years ago I was working some long days on a house in a nice subdivision and made an observation. The houses there where all "big money" homes built  more for status than practicality. None of them utilized sustainable principles or alternate energy sources. They were all dependent on municipal utilities for water, sewage, electricity, gas, cable TV, and telephone. It was during the cold of a Michigan winter that a hard storm hit and power to the entire subdivision went down for nearly a week. There was panic. Pipes where freezing and bursting. Houses were dark and cold. Owners were searching for generators to buy, rent or borrow. Families sought shelter in motels or with friends and family somewhere else. Isn't our house supposed to be our shelter from the storm? Then why do people build them unable to provide that when it is needed the most? 
Sustainable Housing
We believe in taking care of our part of God's creation from the air and soil,
to the water, to the vegetation, to the animals and the wildlife that live here.